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Piano Examinations: Sight-Reading In order to teach sight-reading, it’s advisable to have plenty of suitably-challenging music available for your pupil to attempt to play. You may prefer to use sheet music or books which you already have in your collection … Continue reading

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Teaching Yourself

Teaching Yourself to Play the Piano (Unlike the majority of this website, the following advice is aimed mainly at piano learners, rather than teachers). I could sum up this article in three words: “Don’t do it!” I suppose it’s pretty … Continue reading

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Reading Music

Reading Music The thing that strikes most fear into learners is not sitting at the piano or the playing of the notes but the reading of the music. Children, in particular, will – generally subconsciously – try to avoid this … Continue reading

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Position and Posture

Pianists’ Hand Position and Posture Pupils who have watched others playing the piano may instinctively position themselves and their hands correctly straight away. However, most children I have taught (some adults as well) have no idea and they display many … Continue reading

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