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Losing and Regaining Pupils

Losing and Regaining Piano Pupils There’s no point in pretending piano teachers don’t ‘lose’ some pupils: try questioning any small group of adults and you’ll usually find at least one who started learning an instrument (most often piano) as a … Continue reading

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Finding Pupils

Finding Piano Pupils and Finding Your Feet Probably the most ‘scary’ part of teaching piano is meeting your first pupil. Of course in the overall scheme of things this is not really ‘scary’ at all – and pales into insignificance … Continue reading

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Legalities & Paperwork

Legalities and Paperwork for Piano Teachers (The Boring Bit) Don’t be put off by the title – in any case, maybe you don’t find legalities and paperwork boring … I’m afraid I do. Fortunately, I think I can keep this … Continue reading

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