Piano Exam Preparation Tips for Teachers

1) Give mock exams 2-3 weeks in advance of the day.

2) Explain the marking system.

3) Make sure the pupil is certain of date, location and time of the exam (remembering to arrive 10 minutes early).

4) Remind pupil to take exam books.

5) Prepare pupil for what will happen and what the exam room will look like.

6) Remind pupil to ask to try out the piano.

7) Make sure he knows which order he intends to play his pieces.

8) Advise pupil to listen to and enjoy his playing.

9) Tell him that nerves are totally normal, reassure him that mistakes don’t mean failure: “Keep calm and carry on”.

10) Explain that the examiner is unlikely to comment on his performance on the day.

11) Make sure he’s aware that there may be a wait of three weeks for the result but that you will phone him as soon as you hear anything.

12) Do tell your pupil that he’s worked hard and deserves to do well but DON’T tell him what mark you expect him to get.

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