Give up those Piano Regrets

Yesterday I was reading a feature called ‘The Definite Article’ in last week’s Daily Mail Weekend supplement. (It’s a busy time in our house and I always seem to be a week behind). Anyway, the date on the front of the magazine is irrelevant as far as this article is concerned – because the sentiment expressed within is timeless.

Each week, a celebrity is asked a series of questions: this week (September 10th) the chosen subject was presenter Gloria Hunniford. When asked to state the biggest regret she wished she could amend, she said: “Never learning to play the piano. I’d love to be able to play at parties with everyone singing along.”

Gloria is far from the first person to include not playing an instrument (or giving one up) as her biggest regret – in fact I’d say this is one of the most common answers to that particular question.

So to anyone who’s thinking of giving up their instrumental lessons, I’d like to say: “Don’t! – you’ll probably regret it.” (And to Gloria I should say: “It’s never too late to learn.”)

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