Win a Piano!

For any visitors to this site who wish to buy a piano but don’t know how to go about it, hopefully the information I give in Does Your Home Have What it Takes to Teach Piano? or the section Tips for Buying a Piano will be of some help. However, if you really can’t afford to buy a piano, there is another option … try winning one!

The current edition of Pianist magazine (issue 79 – August-September 2014) is offering readers the chance to win a Roland HPi-50 worth £2,299. This prize is so much more than just a piano – the instrument also has a built in screen which displays digital sheet music (and even does the page-turns for you!) as well as a variety of interactive exercises to improve your piano-playing technique.

You can enter the competition online at the Pianist magazine website
All you need to do is answer one multiple choice question. The closing date is November 28, 2014. Good luck!

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